I’m Alex Cruz

…a 37-year-old born and raised Miami native with a burning desire to solve problems leveraging tech.

My top bullets:
• Raised ~$400k seed round and launched a used-good local marketplace.
• Mentored for three years by an industry pioneer who brought to market a revolutionary product still used today.
• Overhauled the onboarding layer of the world’s largest creator commerce platform with a GMV > $12 billion and tens of millions of users.
• Built from scratch, 3 iPad applications used by aviation companies such as JetBlue and Air Canada.
• Developed from scratch two crypto-wallets with a flow of value in the tens of millions.
• Bootstrapped a startup to ~$1 million in revenue within a year and was invited to pitch Y Combinator and Techstars.

If you would like to see my portfolio, click here.

Most recent accomplishments

When the pandemic began, a few colleagues and I wanted to help our community get the essential products they need at home. We felt that with our engineering and product development abilities and one of our friend’s connections to wholesalers, we could do our part to help during these unprecedented times. So, we quickly built an on-demand delivery service that provided essential supplies to residential and commercial customers. The results: We went viral locally and generated ~$1m in revenue in under a year and gained the opportunity to pitch to several notable investors, such as Y Combinator, Techstars, Ashton Kutcher, and many more. Everyone was pleased with our service, and that was a fulfilling experience to be a part of.

Shortly after Delyte, I started working at LTK as a Senior iOS Developer. The world’s largest creator commerce platform, LTK empowers thousands of digital lifestyle influencers to achieve economic success. At LTK I overhauled our legacy onboarding and authentication technology by leveraging modern authentication best practices to simplify new-user registration with various IDPs (FB, Gmail, Apple login, etc.) while maintaining the highest standards of modern security practices.

Followed by, being the Tech Lead at Minnect. A marketplace to book 1:1 video calls with experts. In my short stint at Minnect, I successfully led an aggressive 8-week goal to redesign Minnect’s native iOS, Android, and web app and a significant change of the core Q&A functionality to a modern chat-like interface using Swift, Jetpack Compose, and REST API, which increased engagements between experts and users and overall earnings for experts by ~10x.

Outside work, I spend most of my time learning about the latest Swift capabilities, decision-making, poker, and writing.